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Substance Abuse: Once a person is too far gone you never recover
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Substance Abuse: Once a person is too far gone you never recover

Hello and thanks for your reply. What I was trying to say by my statement I wrote that “when it comes to alcohol and substance abuse, once a person is too far gone they never recover is this: A lot of people who have abused drugs such as IV Heroin, had to be put on methadone treatment. The damage done to their body is so bad because of the addiction their body is weak, bones are weak, etc. In general their health is downhill from that point. God, faith and a miracle is the only thing that can get their health back to where they will live a lengthy time once being addicted for a certain period of time. I know true people/actual cases.

One female I am aware of was hooked on drugs and did manage to get help and stop using but sad to say, she died a few years later as doctors stated too much damage had been done to the body by her drug abuse which led to medical complications even after she stopped using.

Another person is alive right now whose case I am personally aware of who had a fight against drug addiction also, managed to get help by methadone treatment and/or stop using to the best of my knowledge but their body is in terrible shape. Just as with the other case above. Damage is done that is irreversible due to the drug use. Sad to say, but the truth is here again, this person is not going to live long based on the condition of the body.

Yes, you can stop using/abusing substances but you will never truly recover unless a total miracle from God. You may continue to live after abusing for a certain length of time but depending on damage the use has done to the body over that period of time, your life will be cut short.

There are cases where people abuse alcohol and think it’s no big deal, not that serious. They drink not knowing what is enough for them, what is too much.
A person died in their 20′s from alcohol abuse. Doctor’s said too much damage was done and there was nothing they could do. They notified family/friends and just waited for them to die. Only a total miracle could have saved their life because they needed new body parts.

Yes, people take risks and abuse substances but we fail to think of the damage it does internally to the body. Damage we may not know is there yet and/or if we have symptoms, we ignore them. Once our liver is destroyed by substance abuse/addiction, once substance abuse addiction has eaten away our body to the point we are down to like 110 lbs. or less, folks we are too far gone. Once it has damaged our internal organs to the point that even after we get help and stop using, it will still cause serious health problems that will eventually result in death within a few years, we are too far gone.

One guy abused drugs, got help and ended up dead a few years later. A friend of his who abused drugs also, had damage done to the body, ended up dead as well shortly after him. One more guy who they were acquainted with is still alive by a miracle, but his body is severely deteriorated looking, he has lost a lot of weight and can barely walk. He is not going to live long.

There is a case of an elderly man who abused substances. Yes he lived for a while but he still recently died due to damage done to the body.

There is a case involving an elderly woman who abused substances. Yes she continued to live after abusing substances for a while, but she eventually developed cancer in her body, needed operations, etc. and still eventually died within the next few years once her condition was fully aware of.

We as people need to start looking at substance abuse a lot more seriously. “Truth”. Truth is we act like it’s a joke many of us. We don’t care and/or think about the seriousness of using substances until we become ill due to it, as well as become aware of damage it has done to our body which may be irreversible too far gone once found. I have to admit based on what I have seen with my own eyes: People who like drinking alcohol, using drugs think it’s fun and cool, that is until they are hit with the cold blow by a doctor in a hospital telling them their liver is gone, they have cirrhosis and/or they have so much damage done to their body they won’t live long and there is nothing the doctor’s can do but just medicate them and/or other to try to keep them alive as long as possible.

Yes, people can abuse substances, go through rehab/treatment and still live. That does not mean they will live out a normal life though, which they often find out not far down the road. Some people just keep the news to them self and don’t tell others, but they know.

Yes, you can abuse substances, get help and manage to get through it but the body will never be the same again unless a miracle from God and I do believe in miracles but we have to face reality, how many people who have had very bad substance abuse addictions do we ever see their body go back to being in the healthy condition it was in before they abused substances???

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Polydrug addiction interrupter: Ibogaine

Please research Ibogaine, which can help an addict get off hard drugs if he or she really wants to and has a supportive environment.

I personally wouldn't ever post anything that discouraged a person from seeking treatment. Your post could be read as saying it's hopeless to seek treatment or try to quit, and that's far from true for most drug abusers.

Re: Polydrug addiction interrupter: Ibogaine

I agree. Ibogaine has helped so many of my friends detox and stay clean.

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